our journey to rwanda....

an opportunity presented itself and we decided to follow where God was leading - rwanda, a land of a thousand hills. a land where almost 1,000,000 were massacred in 100 days in 1994, a land where orphans abound.

our prayer is that God will use this trip to show us many things - but mainly Himself and how we can help the children.

our time will be spent primarily serving in orphanages. we can hardly wait to get there.

p.s. first time readers -- please read the first blog entry and listen to the song playing :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'you might be surprised'

do people's responses sometimes catch you off guard? i thought i knew what jill (the trip's organizer whose passion is to introduce others to this little country called rwanda, tucked away in the middle of africa) would say. but i didn't.

when we finally got a chance to talk on the phone about the trip, i said, "i have to be careful because i know this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime and can never be repeated. i can't expect the next trip to be as perfect as this one."

and then she said, "you might be surprised."

she has been there six times and the passion hasn't faded. a man we met while there, tom allen with bridge2rwanda, wrote me and said "no one comes to rwanda just once." wise man.

we have received emails from just about everyone we met. gosh, it takes me back. and i love that. i know it sounds cliche to say we had 'divine appointments' but you could not call them anything but that. how God is weaving all the people, situations, and ministries together is just the coolest.

and we are still pursing a certain little girl. and maybe boy. it will truly be a miracle. but He is in that business.

we are crazy enough to be in the early stages of planning a second, longer trip. it is a big step of faith on many levels, but when you have left a part of yourself somewhere, you've got to go check on it, right? we know if this is not His will for our family, He will not order our steps. but so far He is, and so we follow where He leads. the challenge for the kids and i is to find our niche, so to speak. is serving in orphanages enough to justify the expense? i have not one doubt that their lives will be forever changed for the cause of Christ. and if that is the case, that is treasure laid up in Heaven. much to think about.....

if you haven't looked at all the pictures in the last five posts, please do. it took alot of work. just kidding. not really, but look at them 'cause you might like 'em.

and i will sign-off this blog, at least for now, with these two sayings i saw on t-shirts. one was a guy on the plane on the flight home. it said, "an eye for an eye and we'd all be blind - mohandas ghandi". glad Jesus changed all that to 'turn the other cheek'. and the other said this profound truth:

i need africa more than africa needs me


p.s. Lord willing, we will travel to china to adopt 'abigail' in early june. please come with us: www.mistyming.blogspot.com

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  1. Blessings as you walk the path that God has planned and will reveal!! :-) SOOO EXCITING!!!